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A  Lenten Pause

A Lenten Pause

28th Febuary 2024


£15 Free to residential guests

Lent is not a time to be festive, but it is a time to become free, to be planted deep in holy ground, to become oaks of righteousness.” Ray Simpson

Why pause?

These Lenten pauses provide an opportunity to move beyond the popular notion of Lent being merely a time of giving up something, like wine or chocolate, to explore the possibility of transformation – in our lives, as well as for sustained spiritual growth.

These pauses also help to mark and honour the journey to the cross. They are an invitation to deepen and connect with the One who has walked the road  before us.

What is Lent?

In the Christian tradition, Lent is known as a penitential season, a time to reflect and expose our frailties and vulnerabilities…a time of turning back to God. We step back and consider our spiritual health and assess how our lives are being lived.

Starting on Ash Wednesday on the 14th February, 2024 and throughout the season of Lent, we will hold a weekly ‘pause’ using art, music, poetry and silence to nourish and possibly even challenge us. You will also be free to explore the grounds, walk the labyrinth, or simply enjoy the silence.

You are invited is to join us for one, more, or all of the weeks.  You are very welcome to arrive early and join us for morning prayer in the Chapel at 9 am or book an overnight stay.


I open my life to you, Lord.

I make space in this day for your coming.

I move from busyness to stillness.

I move from sounds to your silence.

I move from insensitivity to awareness.

I thrust out from the land and look to heaven.

I open my life to you.

I open my heart to your love.

I open my ears to your call.

I open my eyes to your presence.

I open my life to you.

From 'A Desert in the Ocean' by David Adam


Kirrilee Reid

A  Lenten Pause
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