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A Line made by Walking

A Line made by Walking

25th September 2024

10:00 - 16:30


A day exploring our sense of time and space with reference to the work of Artist Richard Long

The material world can be linked with the spiritual realm by the restructuring of our sense of time and place, in order to reveal something of the reality of our own situation.

Walking, observing and decision making are fundamental to the core of our spirit and origins. On this retreat, you will be invited to experience nature slowly and deliberately, documenting and intervening in the landscape.

It is perhaps everything around us that gives us our sense of reality. By taking reference from the physicality of our world, we as beings dwelling on earth are given a context to enable us to understand our place in that world. Long describes his work as

“a fluid mix of time, stones, space, movement, water, images and language.”

The day will be split into four sessions. The morning will begin with a short introductory

talk on the work of Richard Long, and the themes of his work, which will set the tone for the day. We will then explore how each of us responds to the environment we are in with three different activities:

Awareness Walking
There will be the opportunity to slowly and deliberately walk a path of your own choosing, using all of your senses to engage with the landscape, and creatively documenting your experience.

Imaginary Mapping

There will be a time to focus on our feelings and emotions, memories and desires as we draw a map of an imaginary island.

Land Art Creation

We will return outside after lunch, this time thinking about what interventions or sculptures we might like to make using natural found materials, to help us appreciate new insights or perspectives that are emerging.

We will spend much of the time outside so please do come prepared for the Scottish weather.

Liz Crichton
A Line made by Walking

Liz is the Art Facilitator here at the Bield. Trained in the Ignatian tradition, leading creative retreat days is part of her ministry here, and an integral part of her own spiritual journey.  She is always excited by opportunities to create liminal spaces where, for a short time, perhaps the unimaginable becomes possible and the mysteries of God can be revealed through our own creative expression.

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