An Advent Pilgrimage

An Advent Pilgrimage

26th November to 28th November

Arriving on Friday by 17:30 departing on Sunday around 16:30

£230 (full board)

Pilgrimage can be described as a special journey to a special or holy place. It is also a way to honour the longing of heart and soul. During these special days there will be “mini-pilgrimages” where the group will explore the outdoors, as well as sit together in the warm sanctuary of the chapel.

Fully Booked for Residential Guests - Day guest cost £146 including lunches and evening meals and refreshments (You may be able to book accommodation at 'Travel Lodge Perth A9' just a few minutes away) - book early to avoid disappointment!

Kenneth and Kristina are inspired by their love of what the Celtic Christian tradition has to give us and where pilgrimage is one of the cornerstones.

The Bield and its beautifully atmospheric surroundings lends itself to become a pilgrimage destination (perhaps this year more than ever) at the beginning of Advent.

Creativity is also a cornerstone and there will be time for creative practice, facilitated by Kenneth and Kristina, as well as periods of reflection.


Bring warm outdoor clothing, sturdy footwear, note book, pen and a camera (or mobile phone, iPad, tablet)

An Advent Pilgrimage

Kristina Hayward &

Kenneth Steven

Kenneth is well known to the Bield and in Scotland as a poet and writer. Kristina is a keen amateur photographer. Together they lead annual Celtic Christianity retreats on Iona. Writing and photography combine to produce talks and lectures on the subject, as well as articles for magazines and podcasts. Both take their primary inspiration from the natural world.