Body Prayer - Capacitar Wellness Practices Taster Session

Body Prayer - Capacitar Wellness Practices Taster Session

23rd January 2022

2:00 -4:30PM


The practices help transform stress and pain deriving from illness, violence, and the stresses of daily life and open the individual up towards greater wholeness and wellbeing. As individuals get in touch with their own source of healing and wisdom they can help others.

The taster sessions at the Bield stand alone and give background to Capacitar and introduce a number of practices including: Tai-chi movements with visualization, Breathwork, Finger Holds for managing emotions, Emotional Freedom Protocol (tapping), head Holds.

There is time for some background information and sharing, questions and comments.

The Wellness Practices developed by Dr Pat Cane, founder of the organization Capacitar (see for more information) are simple but effective in healing and self-care. They cover gentle body work and mindfulness practices gleaned and adapted from various traditions. The practices have been used with a variety of people and groups and within different cultures. In a

Christian context they can be offered as body prayer and Christfulness

From March 2022, Capacitar Scotland are offering 4 weekends of advanced Capacitar training at the Bield. This programme is for everyone : parents, volunteer or professional caregivers, community activists, or anyone who does outreach for the impoverished, homeless, or those with issues of physical or mental health, abuse, trauma or violence. Participants will develop wellness skills for living in these challenging times and lean how to use Capacitar methods in family, community and professional settings together with basic proficiency in Capacitar wellness practices.   Please ask for more details from


Bield Pastoral Team

Body Prayer - Capacitar Wellness Practices Taster Session