Creative Journeying - Crossing The Threshold

Creative Journeying - Crossing The Threshold

16th June 2022

10:00 - 16:30


This is the first of a series of Creative Journeying Workshops.  

We will be exploring the theme of crossing the threshold, thinking about barriers real and imaginary, and how we relate to them by investigating the use of line and space through creative artistic expression using a variety of mixed media visual art techniques to produce a concertina book.

The day will be structured to offer a time for individual meditation, a time for making and exploration and a time for sharing and reflection within the safe and sacred space of the Bield.

All materials will be supplied. No previous artistic experience is needed. We simply ask that you come prepared to engage in this creative process with an openness and curiosity.

A further two workshops will be offered in this series, you are free to attend one or more or all of these days, but to be sure of a place you may like to book them all at once:

  • 8th September – Phases of Transition

  • 6th October – Transformation of Heart

“Once you change your expectations, the resonance between you as seer and what you see will also change” – Richard Rhor


Liz Crichton

Creative Journeying - Crossing The Threshold

Liz is our Art Facilitator and member of our Pastoral Team. Her practice seeks to inspire others to step out beyond what they know for certain, offering frameworks to explore together, ways that create liminal spaces where for a short time perhaps the unimaginable becomes possible