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Embracing Autumn - A Seasonal Retreat

Embracing Autumn - A Seasonal Retreat

Tuesday 8th October - Friday 11th October

If you are unable to join us for the full retreat, there are options for 1 or 2 day stays as well

16:00 on Tuesday until 16:00 on Friday

£350 Residential including all meals and materials

Autumn is a rich source of inspiration for creativity and the spiritual journey.

This retreat offers an invitation to connect with the wisdom of this season.

Noticing the movement can help us to look more clearly at our own lives, leading us how to discern when to let go, and when to hold firm… asking what is in our control and what is beyond?

We will explore what we might need to release and what we might need to gather in.

What to expect?

These days will include poetry, meditation, walks and an opportunity to work creatively with your discoveries and noticings.

We suggest you wear warm, comfortable clothing. As it can get a bit mucky in the woods, Wellies and a water-proof jacket are a good idea.


And so nature, weary from holding

the summer’s luscious measure,

folds into the ground,

lays her head down,

slows and deepens her breath.

Beloved, would that you learn from her

and fall into the sacredness of rest.

Gideon Heugh


Kirrilee Reid

Embracing Autumn - A Seasonal Retreat

Kirrilee is The Bield Chaplain. She is an experienced retreat leader and spiritual accompanier. Autumn is her favourite season, and she finds nourishment in the changing colours and light of these weeks. Kirrilee is particularly interested in the connection between the outer and inner seasons of the heart, and has recently had poetry, on the Autumn theme published.

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