2nd September 2022 - 4th September 2022

Early Booking Essential Booking Deadline 2nd June 2022 - please book early to secure your place.

3pm on Friday to 3:30 pm on Sunday

£230 (Full Board)

This weekend retreat will be an opportunity to reflect on our own stories and the women who have influenced our journeys, both those we have known and those we have never met.

We will also wonder about the stories of women whose names are absent from history and women whose stories we have never heard but perhaps should have.

During the weekend we will balance time for personal reflection and group sharing with time to breathe deeply, relax, rest, and enjoy the beauty of our surroundings.

We will use creative expression, wellness practices and simple movement—integrating body, mind and spirit.

A Woman’s Eyes

HerStory uses a feminist lens, inviting us to look at life and the Christian faith through a woman’s eyes. In HerStory, we will privilege women’s voices and draw wisdom and inspiration from contemporary, historical and biblical women.

“A quiet space to hear God speak to and through the wisdom of women” - Christine

“Imaginative and creative, always full of wonderful inspiration and connection.” - Sarah


Valerie Allen


Valerie is a member of the Bield Pastoral Team. Her passion is women’s spirituality and creating spaces in which women can meet, share, and be spiritually nurtured and empowered. Poetry, stillness, wild places, music, sharing stories, sunlight and beauty feed Valerie’s spirit.

HerSong is part of Valerie’s HerSpace ministry.