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Journey into Healing  Workshop  - December 2023

Journey into Healing Workshop - December 2023

16th December 2023

09:45 - 16:30


I’m going out to clean the pasture spring: 

I’ll only stop to rake leaves away 

(and wait to watch the water clear, I may): 

I sha’nt be gone long. – You come too.

In just a few lines Robert Frost has captured the essence of a Journey into Healing workshop. Participants are invited to visit the spring in their lives; to gather leaves that may have accumulated; to find some means to remove the blockage; and to do it together in a group setting. We will invite you to do your work and come together to finish it.

About The Workshop

The Purpose – of the workshop is to be open to ourselves, to each other and to God for growth and healing.

Who is it for? – it is suitable for all who are looking for growth and insight in their relationships or in their inner, emotional or spiritual lives. It is not a requirement that group members be professing Christians, but this is the context in which the groups run.

What happens? –We will be introducing Gestalt in Corona times, using a stilling exercise, invite you to do your work on your own, with guidance, then come together to share and learn. Some of the workshop is spent in small groups facilitated by our experienced leaders.

What kind of group? – the group work includes personal growth, Gestalt and ‘Here and Now’ approaches, healing the inner child, openness to the healing work of the Holy Spirit – we seek to create a worshipful atmosphere and peaceful surroundings online.

What is Gestalt? – Gestalt approaches are creative, encourage self-awareness and insist on respect, freedom of choice and personal responsibility. It is understood that no-one is accepted as an observer, but that all participate in the group work. Our small group is a safe place to become more real and to take risks. The workshop can be a personal healing experience and at the same time a workshop to enhance and inform one’s own ministry.. Strong feelings are sometimes expressed in the group.


Journey into Healing Team

Journey into Healing  Workshop  - December 2023

For more information on Journey into Healing and the Team, please visit

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