Lines in the sand (Online)

5th November 2020

10:00 - 4:30 (via Zoom)


This retreat offers an introduction to mark making as a path to awareness and spiritual insight.

Aimed particularly at those who feel that they can’t draw, during our time together we will explore drawing as a means of prayer.

Practical exercises will gently introduce different tools and techniques which will enable participants to focus and become absorbed.  

Those taking part will move from looking to seeing and beyond. Their relationship between themselves and what they are looking at will change and promote a sense of oneness with creation.

Course Outline

After some doodling exercises we will together experiment in seeing and drawing. Some time will be spent split into smaller groups, and there will be time to draw on your own and have a 1:1 tutorial before we come back together to review the day.


You will need something to draw with. A pen or pencil that makes a clear bold mark is best to start with, together with paper to draw on, some small sheets and some larger ones of any quality.


Liz Crichton

Liz is our newly appointed Art facilitator and member of the Pastoral Team at the Bield. Her practice seeks to inspire others to step out beyond what they know for certain, offering frameworks to explore together, ways that create liminal spaces where for a short time perhaps the unimaginable becomes possible.