Moving on, Moving Beyond

Moving on, Moving Beyond

New date: Saturday 11th December 2021



A Reflective Retreat with Margaret Silf

We will reflect on the gifts and the lessons of 2020/21 - what they mean for each of us personally, and for all of us globally.

‘You have stayed long enough on this mountain.’

These are the words of God to a pilgrim people at Horeb, who are then invited to journey onwards towards the Promised Land.

Perhaps you too feel that you – and all of us – have been grounded for too long in a place where we feel helpless and vulnerable.

Has the trauma of 2020/21 just been a global misfortune, or is it also a God-given opportunity to move beyond our present way of being towards something new and more reflective of the holy mystery?

How are we experiencing the call to ‘journey on’?

What are we being asked to leave behind?

What is drawing us forward, giving us hope and empowering us to shape a better future?

Moving on, Moving Beyond

Margaret Silf

Margaret is the author of a number of books for contemporary spiritual explorers who may or may not be affiliated with a particular Christian tradition.

Margaret lives in Ayrshire, alongside her daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters.