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Mythical Voyages - Spiritual Journeys and the creative imagination

Mythical Voyages - Spiritual Journeys and the creative imagination

25th April 2024

10:00- 16:30


A day exploring how the creative imagination can aid one’s spiritual journey, focusing on the voyage of St Brendan we will reflect on where god may be leading us whilst making an ornamental boat to take away.

The Voyage of St Brendan

This fifth century story or myth is a theological allegory, that conveys the salvation journey with a focus on its ascetic values. The Voyage is about Brendan going in search of the “Promised Land of the Saints.” The place of promise and paradise. Framed within sacred time, Brendan’s journey takes seven years where he and his companions are met with obstacles and hardships at sea—a lack of wind, lack of food, demons, and sea monsters—before they reach the Promised Land and return home.

Developing Creative Imagination

Our imagination is the capacity that we have for innovative thinking and creative expression, it enables us to process images, symbols myths and stories. Our imagination is also an inner reality, a boundless realm not defined by our senses or reason, through which we can visualise something other than what is in front of us.

This ability to imagine carries us further beyond than just the capacity to see our physical environment in new ways. Our imagination is a wellspring for creating meaning in our lives and that relates to creating purpose.

Making and Meditating

As we listen to extracts from the tale of Brendan’s voyage, there will be the opportunity to reflect on our own spiritual journeys.

Together we will each craft a boat, and while we are making and our hands are busy there will be space to look forward, using our imagination to identify and visualise what we hope for, and incorporate elements of our desires in our vessels.

No experience or artistic ability is needed, and all materials will be provided.


Liz Crichton

Mythical Voyages - Spiritual Journeys and the creative imagination

Liz is the Art Facilitator here at the Bield. Trained in the Ignatian tradition, leading creative retreat days is part of her ministry here, and an integral part of her own spiritual journey.

She is always excited by opportunities to create liminal spaces where, for a short time, perhaps the unimaginable becomes possible and the mysteries of God can be revealed through our own creative expression.

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