Wellness Day for NHS Staff  - August

Wellness Day for NHS Staff - August

31st August 2022


£32 (Retreat Bursaries are available for NHS staff)

The last few years have been very challenging for many NHS employees. Unprecedented pressures and demands have affected energy levels and folk’s sense of wellbeing. 

Heightened anxiety, stress and fatigue are common feelings, as is feeling depleted and in need of some TLC.

Why not join others from the NHS and come and spend a day at the beautiful Bield—slowing down, relaxing and unwinding?

What to expect 

During the day you will be able to choose from various options, some offered individually, others in small groups. Opt in or out as you feel.

Options available (some weather dependent)

  • Gentle body work and mindfulness practices—tai-chi, finger holds for managing emotions, tapping, etc. 

  • Art room—suggestions available for how to use art reflectively or freedom to do your own thing 

  • Walks and space to wander the stunning grounds, sit quietly, chat with others 

  • Massage – Please pre-book (extra charge paid directly to the massage therapist) 

  • Walking the labyrinth—with an option to symbolically lay down some of the emotions you may have been carrying -

  • Individual time to be listened to by a member of the Bield team 

  • Swimming pool, poetry trail, camp fire—even visiting the alpacas!


Valerie Allen along with other members of the Bield Pastoral Team, supported by NHS Spiritual Care Chaplains (when available).

Wellness Day for NHS Staff  - August

Valerie offers spiritual and retreat accompaniment, listening, pastoral supervision and group facilitation, including HerSpace. Her training embraced a variety of spiritual traditions and approaches, including Ignatian and Reformed. She is particularly interested in feminist spiritualities. Valerie draws upon a variety of creative media and Capacitar wellness practices, encouraging integration of body, mind and spirit. Journaling, photography and music are other interests. She is a member of the Iona Community.