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When Wells Run Dry - Advent themed Creative Prayer Day

When Wells Run Dry - Advent themed Creative Prayer Day

30th November 2023



This is a quiet reflective workshop at the beginning of advent, that encourages participants to engage in a variety of creative ways, to reflect, imagine, express, explore ourselves and listen to the voice of God, in the safe sacred space of the Bield.

We will reflect on some of the elements of the Christmas story, spending time together, and alone in quiet with God, we will take time to notice what is speaking to us at this time.

No experience or artistic ability is needed, and all materials will be provided.

Wandering and Wondering

There will be the opportunity to walk slowly and intentionally outside, time to ponder the journey you are embarking on at the start of this season, and to consider your relationship with the natural world and its creator.

“Live in me, make your home in me just as I do in you” – John 15:4

Creative Writing and Contemplating

Time will be set aside for guided creative writing, thinking about what responding to Gods call, and/or giving your life to God means to you personally.

“He who from God made himself a human being , makes Gods from human beings” – John Scotus Erugina, Ninth Century Irish Mystic and Theologian

Making and Meditating

We will spend some time each making a Christmas garland or bunting as we reflect on the unfolding of our life’s path, significant events, milestones and lights on our journey with God.

“The person of hope lives in the moment with the knowledge and trust that all of life is in good hands” Henri Nouwen – Bread for the Journey


Liz Crichton

When Wells Run Dry - Advent themed Creative Prayer Day

Liz is the Art Facilitator here at the Bield. Trained in the Ignatian tradition, leading creative retreat days is part of her ministry here, and an integral part of her own spiritual journey.

She is always excited by opportunities to create liminal spaces where, for a short time, perhaps the unimaginable becomes possible and the mysteries of God can be revealed through our own creative expression.

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