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Be who I am...

often find myself musing over our chickens and their ways. We have had different lots over the years and among the present ones there are several intrepid spirits who will venture out on their own to discover new territory. At the same time they are very friendly and will run towards me in welcome when I approach the hen run. I feel I am in good company.

Often I will follow one into the grass labyrinth past the mosaic injunction ‘Do not fear’, the most often quoted saying in the Bible, often stated by Jesus. She will peck her way ahead and then suddenly disappear away from the path through the tall grass in pursuit of a special morsel. A hen cannot be anything but what she is, and will get on with her mission of pecking and finding nourishment without regard for anybody else. There is a lesson for me. Be who I am without pretense. Know I am beloved and move on with what I am called to do, finding necessary nourishment on the way. We hear that we should go to the ant for wisdom. Chickens are good mentors too.


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