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Icon Painting Workshop

Icon Painting Workshop

10th-13th September 2024

10:00 on Tuesday to 16:30 on Friday


Join us for a short workshop painting an icon of Saint Colette with a lamb. She was a Franciscan nun closely connected with the values of Saint Francis. She had a close connection with nature and had a lamb pet. This is another story of a love for animals and equality of all beings. The story that says all beings’ matter.

We will explore this theme and what it means for each one of us through the work of painting an icon. Through art we can develop a deeper relationship with our inner self and develop a connection from within.

We will work on a small icon of this saint using one of the oldest painting techniques.

Egg tempera is a wonderful medium where we work with thin transparent layers. Painting with light to create shapes. We will learn how to mix egg tempera - using egg yolk and dry pigments.

All materials will be provided. If you would like to take them with you, you will be able to do so for an extra charge.

This workshop is ideal for:

  • For those who would like to explore art/painting as a form of prayer/spiritual work.

  • For those who want to have more stillness in their lives

  • Who would like to learn more about icon and the process of creating it

  • Who would like to start learning egg tempera technique and connect with nature

  • For those who love nature and animals

All are welcome. No experience is needed!

How to prepare

More information will be given closer to the time of the workshop, but you might want to read about Saint Colette.

Think about how her story relates to your live. Try to make some sketches using images of her that you find, or the icon that we will be painting during the workshop.


Basia Mindewicz

Icon Painting Workshop

Basia was trained in the oy Icon painting College in Poland. She has been teaching Icon painting since September 2008 in Poland, UK and other European countries, and painting Icons since January 2004.

She has been developing her own style and has always been interested in inspiring people to find their own voice. Teaching is her passion.

She is interested in using contemporary language in creating Icons and she has been promoting it in UK.

Basia sees art and creativity as a way to personal growth and a way to re-connect with oneself and the world around.

Basia is a founder of Edinburgh School of Icon Painting. To find out more please visit

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