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 The Bield at Blackruthven

Blackruthven House,



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Candlemas at The Bield – candlelight stars and moons in a shelter in the chapel: snowdrops and aconites carpeting the shelter belt:  hazel catkins tinged in gold in the gravel pit:  green shoots of near- daffodil gold and planting of herb beds in the walled garden; a woodpecker in the trees above the hen houses, competing for audibility with the cockerel; honey bees fast asleep, a light greening over the furrows: deep quilts of moss and lichen submerging the ancient drystone dykes:  the cattle, horses, sheep, lamas, hens protected and fed in the wintery cold: snow capping of Glen Almond hills:  red rosy sunrise:  porridge and smiles at breakfast:  poetry, prayers, songs, love – shared in the chapel:  kindly words and marks of gentleness everywhere.  Warmth and quiet and being at home with your tender love.  Thank you – I love you all - Ellie