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Barn Gallery

at the Bield at Blackruthven


Welcome to the Barn Gallery

Our Barn Gallery is a traditional stone built barn that has been renovated to give a bright and spacious area. 


It may be used for various types of exhibitions hosted by an individual or a group of artists. 


We have over a number of years hosted Perthshire Open Studio Showcase Exhibition and also the Scottish Potters.  

The Barn may be hired for exhibitions, larger workshops, events or conferences.

Please contact us for more information on availability and costs.

New Exhibition
opening in the Bield Grounds Soon

the bee project.jpg

7 DAYS: Bee Project Exhibition

by Carol Marples

artist of the Soul Marks Trust 

27th June 2024 - 7th August 2024

Carol writes: "Bees are of vital importance to our eco system, pollinating both much of the food we eat and need to survive and the trees and flowers that provide important habitats for our wildlife. Bees worldwide are in danger and therefore our eco-system and humanity existence is under threat. ... The design reflects, a seed bursting forth, the seed Christ at the heart of the universe present in all things, or simply a flower an important provider of pollen for those industrious bees to makes their wonderful honey." 


POS 2024.jpg


Saturday 24th August - Sunday 8th September


Thursday 3rd October - Sunday 20th October


Images from some of our previous Barn Gallery Events

The Bield 10th Anniversary Aug 08
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