at the Bield at Blackruthven

Barn Gallery

Barn Gallery Technical Details



A tradition stone Barn with pitched slated roof. The room is open to roof with steel tie bars & roof timbers visible and small skylights.

A new solid floor with underfloor heating has been fitted.  

No fixings are allowed to floor which is painted grey and is level with the outside.


Access is via a Roller Shutter Door  (width 3m  x height 3m), with one outside door and one internal door.  Old openings have been filled in with recessed concrete block.

The space is divided into 2 areas, open to each other, separated by an open trough.

The smaller area has a new roof with modern skylights and a 'Bull Pen' area.  There is a large concrete block wall for video projection.

The larger space can be divided / dissected by hanging screens from the tie bars.  The Larger Space  has walls on 3 sides and a trough on the open side  which is open to the smaller space on this side.

Area:                    length     width     Height     Rail Height    

Larger Space        23 m         11 m        3.8 m      2.4m

Smaller Space      15 m         10 m        6.0 m      2.4m

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There is a Gallery Rail at 2.4m height totaling 63m in length


In the larger space there is also a slightly recessed 3m x 3m concrete block wall with rail at height  of 3m.

An aluminum, heavy duty, white, J-Rail Gallery Hanging System is fitted with the following attachments:

  • Cylinder Anchor + 2mm, 1.5m long, steel cable [No: 50]

  • Cylinder Hook 7kg / 15lbs [No: 8]

  • Self-locking Hook 10kg / 22lbs [No: 54]

  • Captain Hook 30kg / 66lbs [No: 8]

The J-Rail can take steel rod hangers for heaviest pictures [not supplied].  it is suitable for normal Picture Hooks and Nylon Cord for smaller images

Hessian dividers can be used for hanging as well



Lighting is by a mixture of Low Bay Fluorescent Floodlights and 150W Halogen Spotlights that rotate in three dimensions.

Larger Space: Fluorescent Floods - 5 zones; 2 per zone

                         Halogen Spots         - 3 zones; 3-4 per zone

Smaller Space: Fluorescent Floods -1 zone; 4 floods

                            Halogen Spots        - 1 zone; 4 spots

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