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at the Bield at Blackruthven

Barn Gallery

Barn Gallery Technical Details



A tradition stone Barn with pitched slated roof. The room is open to roof with steel tie bars & roof timbers visible and small skylights.

A new solid floor with underfloor heating has been fitted.  

No fixings are allowed to floor which is painted grey and is level with the outside.


Access is via a Roller Shutter Door  (width 3m  x height 3m), with one outside door and one internal door.  Old openings have been filled in with recessed concrete block.

The space is divided into 2 areas, open to each other, separated by an open trough.

The smaller area has a new roof with modern skylights and a 'Bull Pen' area.  There is a large concrete block wall for video projection.

The larger space can be divided / dissected by hanging screens from the tie bars.  The Larger Space  has walls on 3 sides and a trough on the open side  which is open to the smaller space on this side.

Area:                    length     width     Height     Rail Height    

Larger Space        23 m         11 m        3.8 m      2.4m

Smaller Space      15 m         10 m        6.0 m      2.4m

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Barn Gallery.jpg



There is a Gallery Rail at 2.4m height totaling 63m in length


In the larger space there is also a slightly recessed 3m x 3m concrete block wall with rail at height  of 3m.

An aluminum, heavy duty, white, J-Rail Gallery Hanging System is fitted with the following attachments:

  • Cylinder Anchor + 2mm, 1.5m long, steel cable [No: 50]

  • Cylinder Hook 7kg / 15lbs [No: 8]

  • Self-locking Hook 10kg / 22lbs [No: 54]

  • Captain Hook 30kg / 66lbs [No: 8]

The J-Rail can take steel rod hangers for heaviest pictures [not supplied].  it is suitable for medium and large D rings and Nylon Cord for smaller images

Hessian dividers can be used for hanging as well, and pins, nails and screws can be used in these.

We also have several display cabinets for jewellery/ceramics and a few print bins, table top easels and plinths.

We are happy to work with you to adapt the gallery space to meet your needs.



Lighting is by a mixture of Low Bay Fluorescent Floodlights and 150W Halogen Spotlights that rotate in three dimensions.

Larger Space: Fluorescent Floods - 5 zones; 2 per zone

                         Halogen Spots         - 3 zones; 3-4 per zone

Smaller Space: Fluorescent Floods -1 zone; 4 floods

                            Halogen Spots        - 1 zone; 4 spots

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