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Individual sessions


Spiritual Accompaniment


is an ancient and well-tested practice, sometimes termed Spiritual Direction. It is based on the premise that God, the Mystery, the Source of All, is present and active in our lives, and that we can become more sensitive to this Presence through reflection, engagement and prayer.

Anyone who wishes to reflect upon his or her life, including their spiritual journey, with a trained accompanier might find spiritual accompaniment helpful.

The accompanier’s principal role is to listen to you  and to be conscious of the relationships between the Holy Presence within you, within themselves, and between themselves and you. The accompanier may suggest some resources or practices, such as certain ways of praying, meditating, particular Bible passages or ways of using creative approaches to help you deepen your relationship with God.

You will decide with your accompanier the interval between meetings and length of session, eg to meet for an hour every  4-6 weeks

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You are welcomed into a safe, caring and  confidential place where you can say as little or as much of what you want to share about the issues you carry. More sessions can be arranged as required.  Sessions normally last 50 minutes. You are not judged. You will not be given advice but listened to very carefully. The outcome is hopefully that you feel supported and  empowered to find  your own solutions, make decisions for  yourself and so find hope and strength.

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Retreat Accompaniment


Retreat accompaniment is a concentrated way of attending to what is going on in your spiritual journey through meeting with your accompanier on a daily basis during your retreat. It can be beneficial to you, your sense of God’s invitation to you and your prayer and reflection to make you r retreat in silence.

We offer accompaniment for individual retreats of various lengths in the Ignatian tradition  Please ask for more information.


Thank you to everyone behind the Bield.  I really enjoyed being here.  The heavens opened for me and so I leave strong with all my bearings right and with my beloved God at the wheel!  May you all be blessed!  With much love and lots and lots of Gods Blessings- Sheila

Thank you for all the support in silence and dark waiting and friendship! – Jane

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