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Lets Sing! - A Day Retreat

Lets Sing! - A Day Retreat

1st November 2024

10:00 - 16:30


Praise God!
Sing to God a new song

… Let the faithful

exult in glory;

let them sing for joy.”

Psalm 149:1 & 5

Do you enjoy singing? Learning new songs that express something of your faith in God? Giving voice to your spirituality? Tapping your toes, playing a drum or shaking a, well, shaker?! If so, this retreat may be for you.

It is said that words speak to our heads, but music speaks to our hearts. During this day retreat we will open to God’s spirit moving our hearts through song and rhythm.

You don’t have to be an expert singer or be able to read music, you just need to love singing as an expression of your soul.

What to Expect

During the day, we will sing a variety of shorter songs that express faith and spirituality – some joyful, some meditative; some sung in unison, some in parts; some, perhaps, familiar, some, perhaps, new; some unaccompanied, some accompanied by simple rhythm instruments. There will be an opportunity to try writing the words to your own song, setting them to a familiar short tune, and noticing what is surfacing for you in this spiritual practice. We may even sing your song!

This will be a relaxed, enjoyable day of singing and listening - inviting music to seep into our souls and God’s spirit to touch our hearts.

“ever so often she comes ~a song
A rupture with pretention,
she walks out of the heart.”

Carolyn McDade

“Praise God with tambourine and dance…
Praise God with clanging cymbals…
Let everything that breathes praise God!”

Psalm 150:5-6


Valerie Allen

Lets Sing! - A Day Retreat

Valerie is a spiritual companion, retreat leader, and member of the Bield Pastoral Team. While Valerie has a musical background, she just enjoys singing and giving it laldy! She likes to encourage others to sing and to be open to what we might discover together in the joy of music.

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