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Seasonal Quiet Garden Days - Summer

Seasonal Quiet Garden Days - Summer

9th July 2024


£60 per day

If you stand still for a few minutes in the relentless onward rush of 21st century life you might hear a quiet but insistent undercurrent.  It is the cry of our heartsfor space and time just to be, to listen to the

heartbeat of creation, to let our souls catch up. Quiet gardens offer just such longed-for oases of peace. They open up once more what all our busy-ness has buried – the precious gift of hearttime

and soul-space.” - Margaret Silf – patron of The Quiet Garden Movement

The Bield has been a member of the Quiet Garden Movement for 20 years, one of more than 300

Quiet Gardens across the world . We nurture access to outdoor spaces for prayer, reflection and creativity. We are blessed to have a wide variety of such spaces at the Bield. This year we will

highlight the Quiet Garden Movement with seasonal programme days and will donate part of

the income to the Quiet Garden Organisation.

Each Quiet day will begin with hot drinks and a tour round our delightful walled garden. Our garden team, Pamela Grossi and Jillian Gibson will help you discover the gifts and surprises of the season. They will also be available later to answer any questions you may have about gardening..

There will be a time of guided meditation and reflection to consider how the Season speaks to our

spirits .  For those who wish this will be followed by a period of silence before lunch, time to further

explore the garden and its impact on you.  

Lunch consists of an attractive variety of salads and potatoes or soup with as much Blackruthven produce as possible.

In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to work creatively with what the season offers.  Alternatively, you can spend this time exploring the riches of the art space or enjoy discovering more of the Bield gardens.  

We will finish the day with a time of prayer in the Chapel and a hot drink with home-baking


Our gardening team Pamela Grossi and Jillian Gibson and Marianne Anker-Petersen

Seasonal Quiet Garden Days - Summer
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