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Lenten Retreat


February 2021

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True winter weather  is back and the Bield looks like a  fairy wonderland,  snow covered, and branches laden white, all quiet and beautiful.

Lent, the forty days excepting Sundays between Ash Wednesday and Easter,  begins early this year.  Ash Wednesday is next Wednesday 17th February.

During Lent we reflect on Jesus’ life and our own walk with God and prepare for Easter. Lent is an old English word meaning 'lengthen' as Lent is observed in spring, when the days begin to get longer.
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We are  so looking forward  to welcome you back to the Bield  in person. Meanwhile , we are offering you some reflective material to retreat with us during this Lenten season.  Individual  Pastoral Team members have prepared the retreat and we  have taken for our inspiration the modern 14 scriptural stations of the cross.  They deal with the passion of Christ and cover the whole gamut of human emotion.  Each Tuesday and Thursday from Shrove Tuesday until Maundy Thursday  in Holy Week, a new reflection and Station  will be sent  by e-mail to those who have registered for the retreat.  

The reflections offer a combination of Scripture, invitation to prayer, visuals and often some kind of creative suggestion.  You can use as much or little of the material as you are drawn to, and there is no special amount of time required. Our hope is that this retreat will be life-giving for you and revive your sense of connection with the Bield.

Whether signed up for the retreat or not, if you want to go deeper or explore more of your thoughts and feelings during Lent, our pastoral team members are pleased to offer time on Zoom to meet with you. Please contact Liz Crichton at  who will arrange a meeting for you.

If you want to register for this retreat, please  e-mail Liz Crichton  by  Monday 15th February.

The retreat and Zoom sessions are free of charge, but donations are very welcome.
Some of us at the Bield  are now getting our anti-Covid vaccinations. Good news! We hope you  and your loved ones stay well and in  good faith.

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And a  Prayer :

 Into the dark world

A snowdrop comes,
A blessing of hope and peace
Carrying within it a green heart:
Symbol of God’s renewing love.
Come to inhabit our darkness, Lord Christ,
For dark and light are alike to you.
May nature’s white candles of hope
Remind us of your birth
And lighten our journey
Through Lent and beyond

Blessings from  the Bield Team

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