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Creative Arts Residency for Refugees

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The Bield at Blackruthven is excited to announce that we have been given money through the Scottish Refugee Council from the National Lottery Community Fund to offer nine Creative Arts Residencies to New Scots.

The Bield is a small retreat centre by Perth with a large gallery and event space and a visual art studio.  The Bield welcomes and accepts people of all faiths and no faith.  You can read more about the Bield here

The programme is designed for those who have some experience of making work in the creative arts.  Those selected will be keen to make new work that may show something of their personal story, or may simply be an expression of their own creativity.

This opportunity has the benefits and flexibility of a self-directed residency with the support of an organised programme.  Artists will have the space to create and experiment. They will form a group of artists who are refugees, who want to develop and grow their practice in Scotland.  The outcomes will be determined by those who come on the programme.

What does the Programme Offer?

  • An introductory, paid for (including travel costs), stay at the Bield at Blackruthven.

  • Introductory workshops and time to start exploring your own work.

  • A fee of £400 per artist for materials/equipment

  • Use of Bield materials and equipment and spaces when available

  • Monthly online meetings with each other

  • The opportunity to share their work with the group and other audiences if they wish

  • Two further paid for stays at the Bield at the end of the residency to make and share together

  • Professional development workshops, mentoring and support from our Arts Facilitator 

Who should apply?

This residency is for people with experience of making work in the visual arts, dance, music, and drama who have a desire to make new work.  Applicants need to show that a piece of their work has been valued by others.  Applicants need to be refugees or people seeking assylum residing in Scotland.  Applicants should have basic English, and need to be over 18 years old.  You will be asked to:

  • Tell us about yourself and your artistic practice.

  • Tell us what you would like to get from taking part in this programme and how this will benefit you.

  • Provide no more than four links to/or examples of your work.

Application Deadline: 30th November 2022
Selection Processs

The Bield at Blackruthven and The Scottish Refugee Council will choose who will take part. 

They will consider:

  • The applicant’s past work

  • What the benefit to the applicant will be through taking part

  • What the applicant can bring to the programme

Dates of Programmed Residentials at the Bield

14-17 February 2023 – Introductory meeting and workshops

3rd-6th October 2023 – Time to make and share work

17-20th October 2023 – Time to think about next steps

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