The Art Space consists of two well-equipped areas situated in an old stables with a listening space adjoining. It is comfortably heated by a wood-burning stove and has a relaxed atmosphere.


The Art Space is open to you at all times


  • Relax, create and be refreshed

  • Explore your own inspirations and curiosities about your creative process.

  • Meditate and pray

  • Engage with issues you wish to focus on

  • Expand and deepen your spirituality


The Space is supplied with a wide variety of materials: paints, papers, pastels, clay and many other interesting things!


It is an open opportunity where you can work freely as and when you please.


You have the freedom to use this space in many ways.

  • Use it in your own way to explore, relax and / or reflect on experiences.

  • Come with a small group to explore, create and / or pray together through the materials.


This Space is open to everyone, please do not feel that you need ‘to be artistic’ to come & explore!


Exploring the process can be a multi layered journey


  • Discoveries and surprises

  • Reflection and Experimenting

  • Simply being yourself and responding.

‘When the soul wishes to experience something new she throws an image of the experience out before her and enters into her own image.’  Meister Eckhart

'the world of reality has its limits—the world of imagination is boundless'.    Jean-Jaques Rousseau