Pastoral Team

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Robin Anker-Petersen

Robin is the Director of Healing for St. Andrews Episcopal Diocese. Trained in the Ignation tradition, Robin offers spiritual direction, listening, prayer and group facilitation. Other interests include Gestalt workshops through "Journey into Healing", Men's spirituality, especially as expressed in the work of Richard Rohr OFM, (including Men's Rites of Passage and "Journey of Illumination"), men's work internationally, the Enneagram, Contemplative Meditation and Journalling

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Marianne Anker-Petersen

Marianne has a counselling background and is committed to the listening ministry as a listener, trainer and supervisor. Marianne also offers spiritual and retreat accompaniment, pastoral supervision, prayer ministry and group facilitation. She has trained in Capacitar Wellness practices and experienced the therapeutic value of many body, mind and Spirit practices in overcoming trauma and stress, which she is glad to share

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George Bosworth

George manages the Southton Smallholding offering therapeutic work for adults with a learning disability. He is also the Bield Business Manager looking after the day-to-day running of the Bield contributing to some events.

He oversees large events such as the Men's Rites of Passage and has a broad experience in facilitating teamwork and groups

He is the first point of contact for anyone wishing to exhibit art work in the Barn Gallery.

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Valerie Allen

Valerie offers spiritual and retreat accompaniment, listening, pastoral supervision and group facilitation, including HerSpace. Her training embraced a variety of spiritual traditions and approaches, including Ignatian and Reformed. She is particularly interested in feminist spiritualities. Valerie draws upon a variety of creative media and Capacitar wellness practices, encouraging integration of body, mind and spirit. Journaling, photography and music are other interests. She is a member of the Iona Community.

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Liz Crichton

Liz is an artist, theologian and explorer with the Community of Aidan and Hilda. Working with a variety of media and in participation with others, she is excited by opportunities to bring people together to explore and to work with individuals, in ways that create liminal spaces where, for a short time, perhaps the unimaginable becomes possible.

Liz offers informal one: one and group creative facilitation, and keeps the art room stocked with an array of inspirational materials and ideas.

Other members of the Team