Our Ethos

The Bield at Blackruthven is a centre for Christian spirituality, retreat and healing in the widest sense of the word.


The focus is expressed in the name of 'Bield' which is an old Scottish word. It carries such meanings as refuge and shelter, or activities such as 'to nurture', 'to embolden' and 'encourage'.

To nurture healing of soul and body

While people of all faiths or of none are welcome at the Bield, our vision is centred in the person of Jesus Christ, and the well-being, nurture and healing found in him.  Community members have diverse Christian backgrounds and are one-world as well as one-church minded.


To encourage Reflection and learning

The Bield enables you to take time out to deal with your need to be alone or with God or to find your own centre, regain balance in your life.