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Consider the Lilies of the Field...

One of my favourite parts of our beautiful Bield grounds is the area that has been left unmown. The three feet-tall grass is now host to a stunning array of blue, red, white, lilac and yellow wildflowers. I love meandering through this mini meadow, pausing to drink in this gift from God - noticing the varieties of grass, feeling the textures of delicate petals, smelling the perfume of each flower and listening to the insects pollinating. Spending time in the middle of this wild meadow is soothing and calming.

Amidst the constant shifting and changing in this time of COVID-19, I find comfort in grounding myself in earth’s beauty. “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin,” invites Jesus (Matthew 6). When I take up this invitation to consider all that God has created, I feel reassured by God’s presence. When I ponder how God clothes nature in such glory, I begin to see something of how God cares for human beings. No wonder Jesus said, “Therefore, do not worry.” That is comfort to my heart, especially in this unprecedented time of pandemic. Perhaps it is comfort to yours too.

Do come to the Bield and enjoy our grounds and the soul care nature offers. But if you are unable to come to Perthshire, go outside wherever you are and take time just to be present to flowers, grass, trees or soil. And may your soul be soothed by earth’s delights.


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