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Do Not Fear...

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

It is widely known that the bible tells us to ‘fear not’ at least 365 times, that is more than once per day. I became aware of the repeated nature of this command when I walked the grass labyrinth several years ago, on one of my first visits to the Bield. I first made a commitment then, to step out in faith in a new direction. I didn’t fear as I left behind the security of a career to explore my creative side and to venture out on a spiritual journey.

These words are found on a mosaic fish at the entrance to the labyrinth at the Bield. It invites us to enter this liminal space one step at a time in prayer, following the path to the centre where we might choose to rest a while, before slowly returning and re-entering the world.

We are perhaps all a little afraid of stepping out into the unknown, but as I contemplate what might lie ahead, I remind myself that when we step out in faith, we are simply called to take one step at a time and slowly make our way along the path ahead. This is a labyrinth, not a maze; there are no wrong turns or dead ends, just places where the path is not obvious, places where you need to dodge the obstacles, and the occasional hen darting across in front of you.

I had no idea where my journey would lead, but I imagined how amazing it would be to work here as an artist and art facilitator. From that moment I allowed myself to dream about that possibility despite having no relevant experience or qualifications. Now as that dream has become a reality, I realise my dream was an emotion, a desire, with little practical substance. I can but hope the dream will be lived out in reality.

As I wonder how I will fulfill the role, I find myself returning to this spot, to once again be reminded “Do not Fear”. The answer perhaps lies in the statement spelt out at the head of this same fish. What does that statement say ? Well you will need to come and read it for yourself, and step out over the threshold into your wildest dreams...


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