• 30 acres of lawns and woodlands, along with 340 acres of farm land surround Blackruthven House and the Bield Steading.

  • A charming walled garden provides organic produce to complement our table as well as beauty and peace to delight the senses. Many unusual birds have found a safe haven at the Bield.

  • A traditional labyrinth has been created in the orchard offering opportunity for walking, meditation and prayer - following the ancient way of walking sacred paths. You will find a second contemporary labyrinth in the old tennis court offering opportunity for walking, meditation and prayer. It is suitable for wheel chair users.

  • Various sculptures and artworks are waiting to be discovered within the steading and grounds, including Time in Eternity, made for our 20th Anniversary.  It is a sundial clock measuring years not hours where the cross marks time going across the 20 larger logs inviting us to reflect on time and eternity or create a slate to add to the sculpture.

  • Restored curling pond: In the Wild wood, a former curling pond has been dug out to its former length and width.  You may walk round this area or venture further through the shelter belt and on up to the Smallholding.

  • Poetry Trail:  At times you will find poems attached to branches and hedges inviting you to meditate and enjoy the contents and style.

  • Free range chickens pick their way through the parkland and horses graze in the paddock. Surrounding the Bield are 340 acres of organic farmland and we are producing more of our own organically grown food at the Smallholding. This is in harmony with our commitment to stewardship of God's earth.

  • We are members of the Quiet Garden Movement and you are welcome to walk around our gardens and grounds.  Please let us know that you are coming.

  • Part of the Bield is also the Smallholding with all kinds of farm animals and an organic vegetable garden. For more information on Southton Smallholding: Click Here

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