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A Gift...

I sat in a quiet corner of the Bield garden feeling weary for no particular reason. Although I had not had covid19, I had not been bereaved, my pension was unaffected, and I had not been living alone, life had begun to feel stale after 16 months of the pandemic.

I became aware of movement in the bushes not three feet from me. A fluffy fledgling blue tit was balancing on a slender branch, seemingly unafraid of me. Then an adult tit alighted a little higher up, fluttered down and fed the fledgling, stuffing tiny insects into its gaping beak.

Amazed to find myself at such close quarters to this tender scene, I took photos as the mid-morning snack continued.

Later I realised this was a gift: a picture of God’s loving, sustaining care for me, for us, and a powerful reminder that in the tranquillity of the Bield we are offered tokens of His love around every corner as we slow down, live in the present moment and open our eyes and our ears.



S…l…o…w… it all down.

Pause from your full calendar and long task list.

Take a moment – or ten – to simply be.

To remind yourself that this is life,

Right here and now.

To reacquaint yourself with your pulsing heart

and incredible body

that allows you to do all that you do.

To remember that life is precious and fragile.

and should be lived in love.

To remind yourself that whatever is happening.

or wherever you find yourself in your journey,

It is all as it is supposed to be

Niki Banas, Walk the Earth

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