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Autumn Whispers

‘Welcome home’. This lovely message was written by numerous friends living in Perthshire. And that’s what it feels like… like we’ve come home. This might sound a little strange to you, dear reader, as you rightly observe that this is only my 4th week as Chaplain here at the Bield.

My relationship with this beautiful place has however, been much longer; around 13 years. God is good and the twists and turns of my ministry journey have brought me back to Scotland and actually back home to my spiritual roots -a more contemplative way of being in the world. Somehow this Autumnal season is helping with this transition.

Autmn is a season that teaches us to let go … to let go of what is no longer necessary, to release that which no longer serves us, to let the wind carry the fallen leaves on its breath – exhaling in order to breathe in afresh the new.

It is also a season of joyful abundance. Visiting the wonderful Southton Smallholding last week I was invited in to see the glorious array of pumpkins and squash. With a range of colours and design, these gifts of the earth, given to nourish us, body, mind and spirit. This harvest season gives rise to joyful thanks and deep gratefulness. I can let go because I have come home.

Autumn is also a time of gathering and preparation. One of the many wonders of living at The Bield is the encounters with the red squirrels. They can certainly teach us about preparing for Winter. Nuts are collected, prepared and stored ready for the scarcity of food and the darker days ahead.

Nature, of course, is our greatest teacher on how to live well each season. Are our eyes and ears attuned to this wisdom? What lessons might we need to learn? In this Autumn season, what might ‘welcome home’ look and feel like for you?

Autumn Whispers

Let go, let go, let go

a whisper on the breeze.

Walk and watch and wonder.

Leaves cling tenaciously… or is it fearfully?

a whisper on the breeze.

The wind will guide your fall.

Leaves cling tenaciously…or is it fearfully?

All will be well

the wind will guide your fall

Walk and watch and wonder.

All will be well

Let go, let go, let go.

Kirrilee Reid

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