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Be Still and know that I am God

All too quickly it seems autumn has ended, and winter is here. The last few leaves have fallen and look like jewelled ornaments, with droplets of water sparkling like diamonds.

Even on this frosty morning, some colour is still visible, perhaps more so now all around is pared back to the minimum, bare branches appear dead, but they are in fact preparing for the next season. Saving their energy and storing up strength to sprout new growth in the spring.

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth. Nature needs winter to survive. It is an amazing time of recuperation, resilience, and ultimately rebirth.

The wisdom and depth of winter is not just as preparation for spring’s blooming, – but a call to enter into a deeper unknowing. Being fully awake and conscious in the dark days of winter can be challenging. Unknowing and mystery are often uncomfortable experiences. Winter invites us to trust that being dormant for a time is necessary and restorative.

Be still and know that I am God… Psalm 46:10

As we begin this advent season, I invite you to find some time for stillness, to go outside and look carefully. Discover the natural world that is hidden away in winter when there are no leaves to get in the way of what you might see. The ever-present, but unseen branch structure of the trees is laid bare against the sky. The changing s

unlight trajectory and intensity, colour the landscape in hues and shadows that will be absent in spring.

As you walk, slowly and deliberately, actively practice staying alert. In these times we can cultivate our inner witness, that wise and infinitely compassionate aspect of ourselves. We too need time spent in stillness to be with our thoughts and feelings, we need space to listen to what is happening within us, allowing it to move through us.


Winter Seed

Winter seed growing in the Dark of days trying to find your place in life's' tangled maze winter seed reckless and wild like the wind you begin to howl like the dog you begin to growl winter seed winter seed wishing for the sun to shine wishing for the rain to fall to make you like the mountain big and tall winter seed take your time and grow the whispering wind has no head and it has no toe

Dorsey Baker

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