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Home coming

The Greenhouse, Bield at Blackruthven

Michael Williams,

Gardener at The Bield,


In memoriam.

Mike Williams (Photo credit Debs his wife)

Home coming.

Mike died in the evening of 7 March.

I learnt of it next morning.

Like a blow to the heart

couldn’t breathe

Words faltered.

We’d agreed to meet on 8 March

Details of a funeral to sort

And preparation for Mike’s presence

At the planting of a wood

Of his design

Long-agreed, community would start

planting 9 March

1500 trees to go in

All carefully planned

where and how,

equipment ready

Mike departed before then

to go home

expectant and with a smile

he went; he knew

St Paul tells us

in a letter to the believers in Corinth

That there is resurrection, and we will be Given a new body

He uses gardening language

“What you sow [...]

is not the body which is to be,

but a bare kernel, perhaps of wheat

[...] God gives it a body as he has chosen,

and to each kind of seed its own body.”

Grieving, it was hard

Like driving a car up a steep hill

in 1st gear, handbrake

left on un-noticed

It was hard to collect enough thoughts

to take the service

afraid to let Mike down

aware of own fragility

Asked friends to pray for us

And like magic

(Graceful answer

to prayer feels magical!)

calm descended

and Mike was honoured and celebrated

with dignity, love and warmth

We laughed recollecting

his subtle humour

smiled as we thought of his presence

changed but still Mike

Teared up as we listened to

“Abide with me”

And nodded in recognition

as the final lyrics he’d requested

filled the room,

“Hey”, I said, “you can keep my things,

They’ve come to take me home.”


(we all need some vehicle for getting to the other side!?)
Rainbow at the Bield the day after Mike passed away (we all need some vehicle for getting to the other side!?)

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