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New Life Abounds

I love lambs! A few weeks ago, I burst in through the back door and happily pronounced “They’re back!” I had just returned from a walk during which I had seen my first spring lamb. I was grinning from ear to ear! Today, when walking the same farm track, I could see close to a hundred lambs. I stood and watched them frolicking, leaping upward like, well, spring chickens (I think I’ve just mixed my metaphors!). It was wonderful to gaze upon these tiny, skinny creatures exploring and enjoying their world and each other.

Easter has been celebrated, Christ is risen, and new life abounds in nature – lambs, calves, rabbits, flowers, leaves, grass. I wonder if the same is true for your life. I wonder if you are flourishing and delighting in life - in practices and activities, work and leisure, time alone and time with others – all the things which bring you joy and enliven you. Or are there places within you that are dead or dying and longing for new life? Perhaps there is something you are being called to give up or take up so that new life can flourish and grow. In this post-Easter season, what is your prayer?

Jesus said, “I have come in order that you might have life - life in all fullness.” (John 10:10) May you open to the abundant life that God desires for you and for all people. May you awaken to the joy of resurrection.


Wild Irises

A gale of children swept in today

With wild bunches of flowers.

They left them laughing on the kitchen table

And in a gust were gone.

All day they ran themselves free

Up hills and down;

At seven they came home, blown out,

Sunset burning their faces.

Now the house is fast asleep;

It leans into the wind, smoke

Hurrying at an angle from the chimney –

The flowers on the table shining.

Kenneth Steven

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