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Wellness Days for NHS Staff

During the current pandemic life has changed for all of us. Work or loss of work, family and personal lives have been disrupted, affecting our mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing. At the frontline of caring for us have been NHS staff. For them, the pressures have been unprecedented. Many are in need of a little (or a lot) of TLC.

Some months ago, the Bield Pastoral Team approached the spiritual care departments of our nearest hospitals and wondered if we could offer a place of rest, healing and retreat for NHS staff. Our offer was received with open arms. Supported by the chaplains, we are delighted to be facilitating three wellness days for NHS staff on 8th December, 26th January 2021 and 2nd February. We hope these may be the first of many. For more information see:

The Bield is a centre for spirituality, retreat and healing in the widest sense. There is something special about coming to this place that sooths the soul, quietens the mind and relaxes the body. Those who have visited since the pandemic began have remarked on how tense they were when they arrived and how peaceful they felt when they left. Going on retreat, whether for a day or longer, is deeply healing, enabling us to go back to our lives feeling refreshed and renewed. It’s also rather biblical! In all the busyness of his ministry, Jesus regularly took time out to go to a lonely place where he spent time praying, meditating and resting.

If reading this awakens within you a longing for healing, peace and rest, please get in contact. And if you, your family or friends are NHS staff, please consider coming to one of the Wellness Days and encourage others to do so. Why? Quite simply, because you’re worth it.


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